‘Austinites for Dowtown Mobility’ Speaks to Austin Downtown Lions Club

in Nueces Bike Blvd

Richard Runde, V.P. Quick & Company

Richard Runde, a supporter of KeepAustinMoving.org, was given an opportunity to speak to the Austin Downtown Lions Club at their weekly luncheon.  During his presentation Mr. Runde brought to light that “Without our knowledge or consent the city of Austin had determined that it was necessary to make major negative changes to the street network serving our business and those of dozens of businesses around us in favor of bicyclists.”  He also mentioned that “The proper role of city government is to create and administer services for its citizens…” and that “Fire, ambulance, police, garbage removal, utilities and a transportation grid are administered by the city and supported through taxation and are meant to serve the people.”  Mr. Runde described in detail how the City of Austin is paying for programs such as the bicycle infrastructure.   He very clearly stated that “our total indebtedness on a per capita basis is greater than the state of California, which is broke, the state of New York, which is broke and the state of Illinois, which is broke.”

The speech given by Mr. Runde did well to let the members of the Lions Club know that, what is happening on Nueces is not just a problem for the businesses on Nueces, but that all taxpayers and voters are “stakeholders” and we should all be concerned with what our city is spending our money on and exactly how much they are spending.

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